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FlexAtex – Specials

Quick to connect clear Atex rated polyurethane film flexible sleeves and bellows.
FlexAtex end with a flanged end connector

FlexAtex - Specials


Flexatex – Specials is your solution for customised applications featuring our innovative FlexAtex connectors manufactured from polyurethane. At Flexible Connections Ltd, we understand the unique demands of each application, which is why we offer tailored options to meet your needs precisely.

With FlexAtex—Specials, you can capitalise on the versatility of our polyurethane connectors, which ensure exceptional durability and resilience. By integrating various end fittings, FlexAtex—Specials caters to alternative fixing methods, enhancing adaptability within your systems.

For example, select a FlexAtex connector with a Round Flange end fitting or a Rectangular Flange. This configuration ensures seamless integration into diverse piping systems, effortlessly accommodating different connection methods while maximising efficiency.

Alternatively, you might opt for a FlexAtex connector featuring a cuff-encapsulated end for connectors to plain end spigots or a Tri-Flex end where you need to connect from Jacob Pipework to a Tri-Clover ferrule. 


FlexAtex – Specials Cost Saving.

This adaptable combination facilitates swift and convenient connections between pipes or equipment, eliminating the need for additional adapters or fittings.


With FlexAtex – Specials, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you require specialised end fittings like Blanking Caps or Corner Pieces, customised lengths, or unique configurations, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you at every stage. 


Need a connector but have no drawing? We have editable drawings for you to use; click here.

FlexAtex Polyurethane connector with Jacob ends
FlexAtex connector installed

Standard Materials

Diameters from 80mm up to 630mm
ATEX rated materials
FDA clear polyurethane
Straight or conical designs available
Length manufactured to suit customer requirements


Sieve inlet flexible sleeves
Dust containment
Noise and vibration dampening
Food powder and granule conveyancing

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